Dangerous aerosols and fine dust particles are among the most insidious health risks within the work environment, they are almost invisible in the air we breathe. Others damage the body’s respiratory system for years and result in the long term development of significant illnesses. Respirators protect in three classes from watery and greasy aerosols, smoke and fine dust at the job, their protective function is standardized throughout Europe in accordance with EN 149. These are called particle-filtering half face masks or fine dust masks, and are divided into protection classes FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3.

OP-Mask – Our 3-layer surgical face mask protects against contaminants within the respiration air and provides very high filtration system overall performance. The face masks comply with the Western CE standard. Safeguarding staff and individuals is a top priority. Not a simple task for this kind of sensitive product. Additionally, the Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung must not unnecessarily impede the wearer, even if used for a long period.

Our medical face masks are lighting, have reduced respiration resistance and therefore are seen as a higher purification. The various versions are all comfy and secure. We recommend the programs for patient and personnel safety. Light, 3-coating mouthguard with high filtration system performance – Low breathing resistance, not annoying – Comfortable, with nasal area clip

FFP 1 Masken – May be used for pollutant levels approximately 4 occasions the workplace restrict value (AGW). They protect against low-harmful water and essential oil-dependent contaminants, although not towards carcinogenic and radioactive substances, air-borne biological brokers of risk organizations 2 and 3 enzymes.

The total leakage (seepage) is really a maximum of 22%, at the very least 80% of the contaminants are filtered out of the atmosphere. Common programs for an FFP1 mask can be found, for example, in the food industry.

FFP2 Mask – Can be utilized for pollutant levels approximately 10 times the office restrict worth (AGW). They protect against dangerous contaminants based on water and essential oil, although not towards carcinogenic elements, radioactive contaminants, air-borne biological agents of danger group 3 and digestive enzymes.

The total leakage (seepage) is really a maximum of 8%, at the very least 94Percent of the pollutants are filtered out from the air. Common programs to have an FFP2 mask are, for instance, dealing with softwood, glass materials, steel, plastic materials (not Pvc material) and essential oil mist.

FFP3 Face mask – May be used for pollutant concentrations as much as 30 occasions the occupational exposure limit (AGW). They protect against harmful and carcinogenic water and oil-dependent contaminants along with towards radioactive contaminants, airborne biological agents of danger group 2 3 and digestive enzymes.

The entire seepage (leakage) is actually a optimum of 2%, at the very least 99Percent of the contaminants are filtered out of the atmosphere. Typical programs for an FFP3 mask are, for example, the handling of chemical toxins, hardwood, braking system dust, radioactive substances, pathogenic agents including viruses, bacteria and fungal spores as well as stainless welding.

FFP-Schutzklassen – FFP is the abbreviation for Filtering Face Piece. Translated into German this means respirator, fine dirt mask, dirt mask or respirator. FFP safety courses divide the respirators into 3 groups, with FFP3 being the safest safety course for masks.

In accordance with the trustworthy supply of the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention (CDC), vaccine availability continues to be restricted this coming year considering that the computer virus was just recognized right after producers began making the yearly vaccine. With all the latest spread in the innovative SARS-CoV -2 coronavirus, folks are again trying to find surgical deal with masks to protect themselves as well as others from your computer virus which induces COVID-19 disease.

Putting on a face face mask can safeguard you in packed circumstances. The general public doesn’t need to wear higher-performance respirators, but it’s a smart idea to wear a deal with face mask or cover a clean scarf about your nasal area and mouth if you tpxjfn to some crowded place throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, a health care provider stated for Infectious Illnesses Stay Science,

Worldwide interest in personal protective gear (PPE) has resulted in a serious shortage of PPE globally. While regular product sales stations are ramping up, you can assist simply by making a monetary donation to support our COVID-19 response, such as sourcing and production protective equipment for our care providers.

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