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“Should I actually need a Facebook Page? Isn’t my Personal Profile (buddies page) sufficient?” These are concerns that I get asked a lot as being a social media marketing strategist. To begin with, let’s clarify what exactly is meant by each of these conditions:

Personal Profile – User profiles represent individuals and should be held under an individual title. This is your “home base” for Facebook – the entity that has Friends, LIKEs things, joins organizations, and much more.

Facebook Web page – allow a company, business, celebrity, or band to maintain a specialist existence on Facebook.

My personal opinion with this has changed over time and I have to admit it really depends upon several aspects. Every individual will not need to have a Facebook Web page. These concerns will allow you to determine.

1. Do you want to be discovered by the Search Engines? Facebook pages get lots of “Google liquid.” This could be essential if somebody is trying to find you or for one of your own specific important word phrases that you are currently attempting to position for. Even if somebody will not be part of Facebook, your Facebook Page can be seen by anyone – not so to get a Personal User profile. Frequently, a Facebook Web page will rank higher than your website.

2. Who may be your audience? Keep in mind when “friends” were people who you actually realized? Are your potential and current customers individuals who you truly know? If you only work with individuals that you have individually met, then maybe you don’t need one. However, if you want to interact with people that you haven’t actually fulfilled face-to-face – or don’t think about a buddy – a web page is a better technique of doing that.

Facebook is clear when you problem a friend ask for that you simply actually need to know the individual. How many people will never get in touch with you given that they might not have fulfilled you or they may not actually feel like you happen to be buddy – even in the social media marketing feeling of the phrase?

3. Just how much posting regarding your company are you currently intending to do? Over time, We have spoken with a number of people who have actually had their personal accounts de-activate by Facebook simply because they had been using it to promote an organization. The “Facebook slap” or shutdown seems to occur much more when the business becoming promoted is actually a traditional business.

I think that this outlines blur for consultants, speakers, lawyers yet others who definitely are in the “believed business.” It appears that Facebook is a lot more lenient with this form of advertising, training and sharing. Nevertheless, since the old Donny and Marie song utilized to remind us, you need to be “A Little Bit Country, A Bit Rock and Roll.”

4. Do you wish to have the capacity to personalize and make up a mini-web site? Facebook apps for Pages have grown to be so flexible and powerful that one could create mini-websites inside Facebook – not for personal user profiles. You could add customized landing pages (Delightful) with video clips, email optin boxes, blog rss feeds and a lot more.

5. Do you actually want to blend business and personal? For most people, it is great to maintain these individual. Personal buddies don’t always want to hear about your small business and the other way around. Think of your Personal User profile as your Home along with your Web page as your Workplace. You wouldn’t article photos of your holiday all over your office. Likewise, most people don’t have their business papers spread out all around the house. Separation could be a positive thing.

These initial few concerns might lead you to think, Indeed!, I want a Facebook Web page. Nevertheless, this is actually the important concern you have to request before starting one.


The time as well as have you been willing to put in a Facebook Page? A Facebook Web page takes a lot of try to get interaction and engagement. As a result of way the Facebook “Edgerank” algorithm criteria works, individuals often don’t see any posts one does out of your Page. You can generally get much more connection on your own Personal User profile.

Many individuals essentially abandon their Pages after spending a lot of time and effort to obtain them create. One option is to use somebody that will regularly article your content in your Web page so that you have a consistent presence. Then, all you need to do would be to visit the page frequently and interact with the people who discuss your posts.

My suggestion for the majority of company owners: Yes, you are doing need a Business Web page. Even if all that you do is placed it and create a post which says, “I hope this web site offers some information and facts about my business. I kssiiw the majority of my Facebook time in my Personal User profile. Please send me a information there at (URL for Facebook User Name).”

Another significant decision to think about when switching to some page is whether you need to just transform your Personal Profile to a business Web page. Facebook now allows you to do this. Be forewarned that it is not for your faint of cardiovascular system. There are numerous serious issues that must be considered before you accomplish this. Look into the Facebook Help section for additional info on this.

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