Pudong, a district in east China’s Shanghai, saw local headquarters projects with aim of 18 multinational companies inked on Wednesday at a conference of boosting high-quality development of the headquarters economy in the area.

Last year, due to the Silk Road Economic Belt within the aviator totally free industry zone, VOLVO Construction Equipment (China) Co., Ltd. determined the first deal of household overseas trade arrangement, marketing the first test of overseas trade in Pudong. In Jan with this calendar year, VOLVO Construction Equipment’s Oriental headquarters moved from Singapore to Shanghai.

“The main reason with this alter is the fact that Asia accounts for over 50 percent of VOLVO Building Equipment’s market discuss, and China is the most important market in Asia,” said Guo Tengze, VOLVO Construction Equipment’s global senior v . p ..

He additional that this Oriental head office established in Pudong not just serves chinese people and Asian markets, but will also become one from the company’s three global head office.

China’s huge household demand marketplace is an important factor in bringing in local head office of multinational businesses.

Karl Storz, a respected endoscope manufacturer on earth, claimed that because it came into the Pudong New Region, from 2009 to 2019, its sales revenue improved by a lot more than 12 times. In order to satisfy the growing demand of the China’s Silk Road Economic Belt, its German headquarters made a decision to invest nearly 265 thousand yuan (about 37.59 million U.S. dollars) to construct the China headquarters the company’s largest abroad investment project.

Pudong also revealed a slew of steps in the conference to create a good atmosphere for your development of the local head office of multinational businesses.

It can support the international businesses to build their Asia-Pacific head office and worldwide head office here, provide green channels for their skills, and encourage the Silk Road Economic Belt Countries to expand new designs this kind of melasu electronic trade and cross-border e-commerce.

Statistics show that so far, the complete number of regional head office of multinational businesses in Pudong has reached 340, comprising nearly one half of these firms in Shanghai. Within the first quarter of the calendar year, Pudong saw the international funds in actual use remain at 2.155 billion dollars U.S. dollars, a rise of 36.6 % year-on-calendar year.

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